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, par  Dominique Lazarski

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The February Bulletin contents :

Page 1

  • MPs deliver letter to David Cameron to remind him to keep his “no ifs, no buts, there will be no 3rd runway” promise
  • Detailed critique by Hillingdon Council of the Airports Commission’s failure to cover health issues adequately
  • Heathrow has paid Chambers of Commerce around the country to hold events, to drum up business support …

Page 2

  • … And Heathrow spent £17 million on promoting 3rd runway
  • Heathrow claims “Those living around us are behind us” – those living under its flight paths do not agree
  • The stubborn 30% who remain opposed to a 3rd runway could be politically more important than those who support it

Page 3

  • Defra data on NO2 emissions show Heathrow would breach limits by 2030, even with just 2 runways – let alone 3
  • Advertising Standards Authority finds Heathrow advert about increased trade breaches their code and is ‘misleading’

Page 4

  • On final day of Commission consultation, Heathrow raises size of its noise insulation offer, if it gets a 3rd runway
  • Heathrow’s improved noise offer wouldn’t help residents in many areas
  • All Party Parliamentary Group analysis shows a 3rd runway at Heathrow would be at the expense of surrounding airports

Page 5

  • Almost every council around Gatwick, or affected by it, opposes 2nd runway
  • GACC submits its response to Commission consultation

Page 6

  • West Sussex County Council votes to oppose a 2nd Gatwick runway (Kent CC has already done so)
  • Crawley Borough Council votes by 25:11 to oppose 2nd runway at Gatwick
  • Virgin, Thales and TUI promise not to leave Crawley even if Gatwick doesn’t get a 2nd runway

Page 7

  • Gatwick’s biggest airline, easyJet, backs new runway at Heathrow – not at Gatwick
  • In November, Willie Walsh said there was no business case for a 2nd Gatwick runway
  • National Trust claims Gatwick expansion would harm Wakehurst Place – and other historic properties

Page 8

  • Gaping holes in Airports Commission’s analysis of airport expansion conceal potential environmental disaster
  • Some of the many responses to the Airports Commission consultation
  • CAA : “Facing up to aviation’s environmental challenges is the key to building new runway”

Page 9

  • Can the UK build a new runway, and stay within the aviation carbon cap ?
  • Three new briefings on whether a new runway can be added within the CO2 cap

Page 10

  • Report by Oxera for Birmingham Airport criticises Commission’s analysis on impacts of Heathrow runway on regional airports
  • London City Airport expansion plan gets go-ahead despite concern it will create ‘noise ghettos and misery’
  • City Airport wants to press ahead with controversial flight changes despite only 3% support in recent consultation

Page 11

  • Manchester hopes to persuade more in its catchment area not to fly via London airports
  • Boris wants Network Rail to work on improved London-Stansted rail link
  • Network Rail plans go on snow, for improved rail link to Heathrow T5 from the west - by tunnel

Page 12

  • UN climate negotiations need to get agreed emissions targets for international aviation and shipping
  • DEFRA National Noise Attitude Survey 2012 shows extent of interference from aircraft noise in people’s lives
  • London leads as the world’s top airline hub by a wide margin – by number of passengers through its 5 airports

Page 13

  • Labour Party plans “Infrastructure Commission” if it gets into power, to get things like runways agreed quickly
  • NATS to introduce “Time Based Separation” (TBS) at Heathrow to cut delays in windy conditions

It seems Sir Howard Davies is likely to be off to take charge of RBS from this summer, so doubtless he will be keen to get his airport recommendation done and dusted as soon as he can, to escape to "pastures new."

The election will soon be upon us. Recently a delegation of MPs went to deliver a letter to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street, to remind him of his pre-election promise, before the last election of "No Ifs, no buts no third runway".

Voir en ligne : AirportWatch n°75 de février 2015